Lake Affect Ob/Gyn and Midwifery Care is dedicated to the care of women throughout their lives. In particular, it is dedicated to the idea that women have the right to self determined, participatory and satisfying care that strives to be individualized for every woman and her family that comes to us for care. We see ourselves as educators, advocates and providers of care for women who are seeking a supportive, safe and respectful setting for their Ob/Gyn needs.

Our office staff is a part of this care environment. We encourage questions, ideas and self expression. We are comfortable with and support birth as a normal experience in lives of women, and provide the full spectrum of maternity care: from unmedicated, minimal intervention vaginal births, to epidural on demand, and c-section birth, realizing that this is the unique celebration of the beginning of your family . We encourage you to feel supported and comfortable by encouraging you to bring your partner, family, friends or whomever you feel is there to support you in this process, both in the office and in the hospital.

Our practice is a conscious blending of the two disciplines of medicine and midwifery, bringing together the strengths of each. All providers are comfortable in each others’ disciplines, and bring those skills to the care that is provided.

We also feel that patients are responsible for their own healthcare. These responsibilities include open communication with us concerning your history and social situation as it impacts your healthcare, attending regular visits as scheduled, getting lab tests as requested, cancelling appointments in a timely fashion (ideally at least 24 hrs prior) and paying for services at the time that they are received.

In some situations, we reserve the right to request payment in advance for a procedure that will be performed in the future- for example: newborn circumcision, IUD insertion/device coverage or other medications that are given in the office. This listing is not exhaustive – other procedures may be requested payment in advance.

We also will strive to answer your phone calls within 24 business hours, but please be aware that we also have a responsibility to see patients in the office at the time that has been scheduled for them. Like any good relationship, our relationship with you will be based on mutual respect, commitment, communication and responsibility.